Product warranty Service process:

1. Our sales team will one by one communicate with the customer neon sign request ,Confirm all the product color ,size ,quantity ,the product use in indoor or outdoor etc ,
2. Then send customer invoice to help them confirm again all the product details
3. Our engineer according customer design picture to cutting neon sign acrylic plate ,And the craftsman to use company production led neon flex lighting tube ,Add the cutting acrylic plate to handmade neon sign .
4. Aging test: through 24 hours neon sign aging test ,Our craftsman will test the product lighting stable ,the neon sign line is according the neon sign design picture to handmade it !
5. Our packaging staff check the neon sign appearance & lighting is ok ,confirm all the accessories is ready !
6. Packaging staff use the air bubble film &carton to packaging neon sign
7. Choose UPS,DHL ,Fedex etc big stable company delviery the product to customer door to door
8. Product warranty : 2 Year !