Why Choose Vasten led strip?

1, Our SMD LED strip use copper base and the led chip is gold wire which provide good heat dispersion, long life span and low Luminous Decay.

2, Our led chip is CRI>95Ra, we also can do CRI>80Ra

3, Our flexible PCB are all high quality double layers PCB, at least 2 ounces, or 3 ounces in particular models.

4, We always require same bin number SMD LEDs for different production batches for the same customer.

5, We have Ever fine integrating sphere to test the color temperature of incoming SMD LEDs and put it in our QC records for every batch. Normally 5 MacAdam LED is +/-100K.

6,We can controll the color temperature very well . Our strip is small tolerance of the CCT within +- 100k.

7,We can produce 3 MacAdam LED Strip as customer request.

8,We can provide 4 years warranty for the CRI>95Ra led strip.

9,Vasten factory is the fist company which use SMD to the led strip in the world at 2011.

It solve the heat-dissipation problem successfully .So our led strip light have absolute advantage and absolute leading role in the market.

10,Vasten factory every month's led strip sales will be more than 290000meters.

11,Vasten factory have 1000 kinds of different led strip . Such as SMD3528,SMD3527,SMD5050,SMD5730 ,SMD3014 led strip . We developed the world's most complete series of led strip.

12, Every of our led strip have been passed with strict test before delivery. We are not casual inspection , all the led strip will make 100% quality testing.

13,If customer’s product have quality problem ,Vasten factory promise you that we will replace new product to you for free . And we also pay the shipping cost.

14,all the led strip are CE and Rohs approved.