New Kind LED Neon Art Sign will be online

Soft decoration plays an increasingly important role in home decoration, office decoration and commercial decoration, and soft decoration can also better reflect the owner’s quality temperament and pursuit of life. Vasten combines the popular neon lights and modern art style to launch a novel neon decorative painting, which can not only enhance the beauty of the space, but also create a lighting atmosphere.
The sweet girl neon light painting installed in the living room can reflect the hostess’s youthful atmosphere and pursuit of romantic life.

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The OK gesture neon decorative painting is a work of art that is suitable for all ages, men and women.
OK, it reflects an open-minded outlook on life. The combination of a few simple shapes and colors will make the whole space full of vitality, making the middle eye seem to have the wisdom to penetrate everything and see the world clearly. The hand-made neon lights make the light and dark layers of the picture more distinct.

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Is it difficult to install such a beautiful decorative neon light painting?
This decorative painting is equipped with a strong adhesive screw rod, as long as the hook is glued to the clean and smooth wall, the painting can be easily fixed on the wall. With a working voltage of 5V, it can be powered by an idle mobile phone charger at home. Such a beautiful and novel decorative painting, you should get one!

Post time: Jun-11-2022