Custom LEd Neon Sign for Wall Decoration,Fashion Girl Neon Light Sign For Home,Bar,Shop.

Short Description:

Art Neon Sign Fashion Girl is made of flexible silicon LED strip lights and  acrylic back plate. Compared with traditional glass neon lights, it is brighter, , more durable, no noise, no heat.

USB power,5V low input voltage ,It’s power saving and safer to use.

 Easy to use in various scenes,such as Bedroom, Living room,Bars,Shops,Hotels,Labraries,clubs.

With this fantastic Neon Light Sigtn Art ,you can surely make your boring rooms,walls more interesting,colorful,stylish.


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Fashion Girl Custom Neon Light Sign For Bar, Club, Bedroom,Living room, Hotel , Cafe,Shop.

The size of this Neon Sign is 16.1*12.O inches,it has a switch button.We provide two transparent sticky hooks,with which you can easily hang the neon sign on the wall.

Insert the 5V USB plug into  power supply and press the switch button to light up.

Fashion Girl Neon Sign is an ideal eye catching to your home decor or party. Suitable for decorating game rooms,bedrooms,living rooms,office,bar,party,shops,bookshelf,balcony and hotels.It makes the simple life more colorful and interesting. Light up your party!




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